Pilates vs. Other Exercise Modalities

Pilates is a mind body exercise. Movers may not feel sore the next day because Pilates works deeper and more internal muscles. Inner strength for outer mobility. Pilates works on the whole body evenly to recruit the smaller muscle groups as opposed to isolated muscle groups. Pilates f

Movement, Dance and Breath

Until recently, Newtonian laws of physics and nature from a few hundred years ago have been our model for our mechanical view of the world.  As this view has emphasized the world as solid and unchanging, so have we responded in our daily lives with a linear and structured way of being

Summer Balance

Living in balance & harmony with nature and the seasons is one of the things we aspire to from a Chinese Medicine/Taoist philosophy perspective. Summer is the most yang of all seasons and is ruled by the heart/fire element. With more daylight and warmth we feel an expansive qualit

Spring Allergies & TCM

Spring, the rebirthing of nature and feelings of new hope is a beautiful season but has its challenges as well.  The transition into the wood element season in Chinese medicine, can be understood as the plants trying to break into the cold earth from the winter.  Through this amazing

Let Go Like The Leaves

Fall is the lung/metal element season in Chinese Medicine. Like the falling leaves, it is a time of letting go. As well as the lungs, the large intestines are most activated during this season. Both organs have the function of gathering in what is essential and letting go of what is n

Yin and Yang

Yin and yang is the basis of Taoist philosophy. It is about seeing and explaining the visible world as consisting of opposite but complimentary forces that are constantly interchanging. Yin and yang cannot exist without the other, just as the day cannot be the day without the night or

Spring Is Blossoming

As spring is now blossoming full force there is a sense of new life all around. Winter was a time to conserve energy and go inward, now spring is a time of regeneration, new beginnings and a renewal of our spirit. Spring is a great time for cleansing, and as the liver is associated wi

Winter, The Time For Peace.

Winter, The Time For Peace. Peace, quiet, gentleness and wisdom are the dominant virtues of the kidneys according to Taoist philosophy and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Winter is the season the kidneys are most dominant, so giving the kidneys extra care at this time is helpful. The ki

Season of the Heart

Summer is the season associated with the heart according to Traditional Chinese Medicine and Taoist philosophy. It is fitting as the heart is considered the fire element and it must increase circulation in order to dissipate excess body heat during these hot months. The heart is regar

Why people do liver cleanses in the spring

Why do people do liver cleanses in the spring? In Taoist philosophy, springtime is the season the liver is the most dominant. The liver is considered the wood element. Imagine fresh green buds bursting into leaves or tree roots breaking into the cold winter earth. As amazing as spring