Pilates vs. Other Exercise Modalities

  • Pilates is a mind body exercise. Movers may not feel sore the next day because Pilates works deeper and more internal muscles. Inner strength for outer mobility.
  • Pilates works on the whole body evenly to recruit the smaller muscle groups as opposed to isolated muscle groups.
  • Pilates focuses on length and strength, and the body overall.
  • Pilates works more on the essentric contraction which means the muscles are often in a lengthened position as opposed to shortened/concentric position which is often found in gym style workout. This gives the Pilates person a more long and lean look as opposed to a short and tight look.
  • Pilates is a lifestyle and not a fad. It helps to reeducate the body so that daily life and other activities are done safely.
  • Pilates focuses on alignment and posture so that as we age we become more aware of gravity and what it is doing to our posture in all of our daily activities.
  • Pilates helps with injury prevention as it guides individuals to get to know their own bodies and what their particular imbalances may be. This aids people to be fully present in the body to know what their body is capable of doing or not doing. Imbalances mixed with poor exercise and heavy load will increase the risk of injury.
  • Pilates compliments and benefits other movement modalities as it gives the individual deeper body awareness.
  • Pilates exercises are performed with shorter reps but more movements in varied positions as the body and mind can only concentrate for a short period of time and maintain correct form. Quality vs. quantity. In Pilates we challenge the body in multi-dimensional ways that benefit our practical daily life.
  • Breath is the key to life and most people are not aware of their own poor breathing habits. Pilates helps to reeducate breathing patterns to bring the body more health and vitality.
  • The effects of Pilates are noticed over time. The work of Pilates can last a lifetime. Enjoy the journey of Pilates!
Marta Hernandez is the owner of Marta Hernandez Studio and Physicalmind Institute Canada and is considered to be one of the leading Pilates instructors and teacher trainers in Canada. Her courses are deep, insightful and transformative, and have produced some of the best teachers in Canada.