Spring Allergies & TCM

Spring, the rebirthing of nature and feelings of new hope is a beautiful season but has its challenges as well.  The transition into the wood element season in Chinese medicine, can be understood as the plants trying to break into the cold earth from the winter.  Through this amazing feat comes struggle, and for us humans usually spiritually, emotionally and physically.  For those that suffer from allergies it can be even more difficult.

In Traditional Chinese medicine, allergies are looked upon as being caused by an imbalance in the flow of qi.  Related to the element of ‘wind’, allergies are seen as a blockage of the qi to the nose and sinuses, which are related to imbalance in the lungs.  A well, allergies are considered a deficiency in the Wei Qi, a protective field of energy that defends us from wind and the effects of pollen.  This is usually related to kidney or spleen deficiency.

Some of the reasons the body may become imbalanced can be from general weakness and predisposition to allergies.  Other reasons can be poor eating habits, chronic stress and lack of rest. Strengthening and balancing the body’s immune system and energetic Wei Qi can help with those suffering from allergies as well as avoiding windy situations as this wind often coexists with a deficiency of the protective Wei Qi.

In Chinese medicine treating the whole person rather than chasing the symptoms is pivotal in addressing allergies and effecting long lasting change.  Herbs, acupuncture and Qi Gong are some beautiful ways in which allergies can be treated.