Summer Balance

Living in balance & harmony with nature and the seasons is one of the things we aspire to from a Chinese Medicine/Taoist philosophy perspective. Summer is the most yang of all seasons and is ruled by the heart/fire element. With more daylight and warmth we feel an expansive quality around this time bringing an improved mood and more energy for activity. This boost aids in the positive attributes of the heart such as joy, laughter and happiness.

When the heart is balanced, the mind is calm and we are able to have a deeper, more restful sleep. Living our life with joy and passion tells us our heart energy is balanced. Thus some indications of heart imbalance are insomnia, nervousness and red complexion. Keep even-tempered and refrain from anger (liver/wood) as these energies fuel fire and exacerbate heat.

In Taoist philosophy the heart is connected to our spirit making summer a great time to heal our emotional wounds, freeing up our heart and making space for more gratitude, beauty, respect and order in our lives.

Midday from 11am-1pm is heart time. Resting or meditating at this time is very beneficial for the heart. The heart is also associated with taste as the tongue is the opening sense for the heart. Bitter tastes build energy for the heart while eating cool/yin foods such as raw vegetables and salad aid to balance and hydrate the heat/fire in the heart.