I embarked my Pilates journey as a mature student with little prior Pilates or body work experience of any kind, and as such, walked into my first Mat Certification class nervous, self conscious and more than a little intimidated.  Marta has a wealth of experience and knowledge behind her which she skillfully passes onto her students, but it is how she does it that makes her such a remarkable instructor; She is like a beam of bright light; generous with her time and knowlege, teaching with kindness, unwavering support, honesty and enthusiasm.  I leave this first phase of my journey stronger in mind, spirit and body; confident in my knowledge, inspired and energized by Marta and my fellow classmates, excited about the road ahead, and ever so grateful for the experience.  Thank You Marta. Laurie Schelle (Pilates Mat 2017 | Standing Pilates® Mat 2017 | Apparatus Pilates 2018)