Dancing Pilates

Dancing Pilates

In Dancing Pilates there is a departure from the linear, start and stop quality of Pilates in the past to a more circular, spiraling and 3-dimensional approach. This work of structured free form movement with foundational principles is designed to promote nervous system regeneration. Dancing Pilates challenges balance, strength and endurance by activating the body with a greater quality of movement.

As proprioception and kinesthetic awareness declines with age, it is important to keep practising actions in a variety of dynamic planes with balance movements as is done in Dancing Pilates. This work conditions the body by offering motions that increase fluidity of the spine, opening of the joints and stretching of the musculature of the body in a supportive and strengthening manner.

There is a focus in Dancing Pilates on advanced breath and how it cycles in and out naturally. This in turn enhances circularity of movement by creating the opportunity for the gestures to loop back into themselves. Connecting the breath with the movement in the body not only facilitates circularity of physicality but also allows for a deep and embodied kinesthetic awareness.

In Dancing Pilates more sophisticated concepts and principles of movement are explored with greater depth. Drawing from ballet, modern dance and qi gong; qualities of suspension, fluidity of transition and physical energy continuing in space are explored, thus bringing the mover closer to the natural dancer that resides within.

Upcoming Dates & Locations

December 1 – 2 & 8 – 9, 2018
Full Course (24hrs)
Sat & Sun 11am-6pm
Marta Hernandez Studio, Vancouver BC

Workshop (2hrs)
Sat 11am-1pm
Marta Hernandez Studio, Vancouver BC

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