Modified and Prenatal Pilates

Modified and Prenatal Pilates

This 14-hour course is not just for pilates teachers – anyone is welcome to participate! 

In the Modified & Prenatal Pilates course, participants will learn fundamental exercises specifically designed or modified with the pregnant, aging and rehabilitating body in mind. The focus is on deep and subtle work, paying special attention to breath, thus creating a more accessible class for everybody.

The material is particularly relevant to pregnant women and those who work with them because the exercises are designed for strengthening of the pelvic floor and abdominals before giving birth. However, the knowledge and skills gained in this course can benefit many students of various health and abilities. In addition, this course is great for a teacher who wants to facilitate a wider variety of students.

Upcoming Dates & Locations

June 27 & 28, 2020
Sat & Sun 10am-6pm
Online via Zoom




Modified & Prenatal Pilates
$275 + GST*
$70 + GST* Textbook *Courses held in Ontario are subject to HST