Sliding Pilates

Sliding Pilates

Marta has developed a fantastic new course bringing her knowledge of Qi Gong, Dance and Gyrotonic to Pilates! Explore more advanced concepts and principles in this dynamic work.

Sliding Pilates focuses on the circularity of movement by creating the opportunity for the breath and the movement to loop back into itself. This allows for increased continuity and integrity and a more advanced style of physicality. The breath cycles in and out with an innate circularity. This is the experience of an inhalation feeding into an exhalation and vice versa. Connecting the breath with the movement in the body not only facilitates circularity of physicality but also allows for a deep and embodied kinesthetic awareness.

Unlike the regular Pilates mat work where the movements are more linear, with a start and stop quality, Sliding Pilates uses movement in a variety of dynamic planes. With the use of the discs and the Pilates vocabulary, Sliding Pilates incorporates the work of the reformer and the classic mat work to create a more complete and complex workout. The discs slide on the floor guiding arm and leg movements while offering the opportunity to utilize deeper muscular connections. The feedback from the floor also serves as a closed kinetic chain allowing the movement to access the inherent circularity of the physicality and breath.

Sliding Pilates conditions the body by offering motions that increase fluidity of the spine, open the joints and stretch the musculature of the body in a supportive and strengthening manner. 

Dissociation movement is the ability to differentiate among movements of different parts of the body or the stabilization of one part in the opposite direction of another and is inherent in the Pilates work. In Sliding Pilates, this, as well as more sophisticated concepts and principles of movement, are explored in greater depth.

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