Yin and Yang

Yin and yang is the basis of Taoist philosophy. It is about seeing and explaining the visible world as consisting of opposite but complimentary forces that are constantly interchanging. Yin and yang cannot exist without the other, just as the day cannot be the day without the night or the light cannot be the light without the dark.

Yin is considered the feminine. We understand this as the earth or earth mother. As the earth is 80% ocean/water we also relate the yin energy to magnetic energy. We are all born from water in the oceanic womb of our mothers and as adults our bodies are made up of about 70% water. The energies of receptivity, openness, inspiration and sensitivity are reflected on as feminine qualities.

Yang is considered the masculine and heavenly energy of the stars, suns, moons, planets and galaxies. As we know, this cosmic energy is electric. Yang energy is the force of change, initiative and organization.

Together the yin and yang create electromagnetism. All the immediately experience-able parts of the world are electromagnetism at work. When two atoms get together to form a molecule, this is electromagnetism. All of chemistry is electromagnetism and therefore all of biology is electromagnetism. Other than gravity, literally everything around us is a manifestation of electromagnetism in one way or another. The Taoists believe that if this dynamic balance of yin and yang that is expressed in nature is reflected in our bodies and lives, we are in harmony with nature and ‘the way’, however if we lose this natural balance we have lost our way.

Yuan qi is the marriage of yin and yang. It is the line between the yin and yang symbol and the circle around it. It is less polarized than the yin and yang and is the ultimate of unconditional love and acceptance. Alignment with this original force of the yuan qi makes up the 3rd neutral force, ie. yin/yang/yuan qi. Right and left sides of body are yin and yang and within that, the opposite inner channels of yin and yang. The central channel or vessel is the potential for energy and is not usually developed. The fusion of the 5 elements and the balancing of the polar opposites, help to create neutral energy of non dual, life force of light and love.


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