Movement, Dance and Breath

Until recently, Newtonian laws of physics and nature from a few hundred years ago have been our model for our mechanical view of the world.  As this view has emphasized the world as solid and unchanging, so have we responded in our daily lives with a linear and structured way of being.  The deeper human experience and what it really means to be alive has been lost.

This mechanical view of the world has also set the stage for how we interact with our own bodies.  Feelings of isolation, inhibition and depression seem to block or dull the innate life force and intelligence within.  But with the evolving times and the increasing popularity of new fitness regimes such as yoga and Pilates we see people turning away from the repetitive style exercise systems in search of having a deeper connection with their own bodies.

Breath and movement are fundamental to all human beings.  Besides anchoring us in the moment, our breath helps us to sense ourselves more completely and impartially.  By connecting the breath and the movement, we are more able to tap into a deeper authenticity within, thus helping us to find new dynamic ways to promote health and vitality in our lives.  Breath is the impetus for all movement and by connecting to it, we find a place where the body and movement have no boundaries.

Unique to all of us is the ability to move.  Dance is our creative expression of this. Moving through restrictive patterns, acknowledging and feeling emotions or sensations stored in the body help us to not only heal but to feel the essence of who we truly are.  Feeling our body is good, but feeling good in the body is even better.

Marta Hernandez is the owner of Marta Hernandez Studio and Physicalmind Institute Canada and is considered to be one of the leading Pilates instructors and teacher trainers in Canada. Her courses are deep, insightful and transformative, and have produced some of the best teachers in Canada.