Teacher Trainings

Physicalmind Institute

The Physicalmind Institute is the original Pilates certifying organization. It began in 1991 when Joan Breibart co-founded The Institute for the Pilates Method along with Michele Larsson and Eve Gentry, one of the original Pilates elders. They began the Institute because they saw a need for an organization that would provide teacher training in the unique methods of Joseph Pilates. Physicalmind Institute not only pioneered training programs, but began the legal process that led to the liberation of the Pilates name so that within a decade Pilates went from total obscurity to a household name.

The Physicalmind Institute has trained thousands of instructors worldwide and continues to deliver some of the most evolved training for Pilates and fitness professionals as well as provides continuing education for its members. Our Pilates teacher training courses offer some of the most innovative approaches and practical application in contemporary movement systems.