Mat Pilates Certification

Mat Pilates Certification

This 60-hour mat Pilates certification prepares students to teach classes of all levels. Students can register for each component separately, however, successful completion of all 3 – Pilates Mat, Standing Pilates®, and Practical Teaching Workshop – is required to become a certified Mat Pilates instructor.

Admission Requirements:

Previous Pilates experience: We recommend a minimum of 10 Mat Pilates classes prior to the training, however other experience may be acceptable (yoga, massage therapy and other types of bodywork, etc.). We also expect a sincere interest in Pilates, positive attitude, commitment, and willingness to learn.

Registration Process:

  • You may submit your application through our website, by email, or by phone.
  • We will review your application and contact you within 5 business days to advise you of the next steps.
  • Please note: Your application will not be processed until the registration fee  has been paid. Registration fee is non-refundable once student has been accepted into the course.
  • Once accepted into the training, you will have 10 days to return your signed student contract to us and to pay your remaining balance. Payment in full is required to secure your spot in the training, unless a payment plan agreement has been signed.

Pilates Mat (24 hours)

The 24-hour Pilates Mat (Initiation 101 – Fundamentals and Matwork) course is the first step to obtaining a Mat Pilates certification. Students will learn, practice and teach 14 Matwork Fundamentals and 36 Classic Mat Exercises. They will develop a deeper integration of the repertoire into their own body, resulting in a more effective ability to teach.

Students will gain a deepened understanding of:

  • The internal core muscles that form a cylinder of support around the spine.
  • Breathing: How it relates to internal abdominals and movement.
  • Correct body mechanics and postural alignment: Neutral spine and how this aids in efficiency, ease of movement, and injury prevention.
  • Fundamentals: A movement language used to cue and help reorganize postural patterns.
    Increases in physical awareness.
  • The benefits of Pilates: Increases in bone density, joint mobility, muscle tone, organ function, and overall strength and flexibility of the body.
  • The original concepts and insights of Joseph Pilates: Concentration, control, centering, flowing movement, precision, breathing.
  • How to take Pilates into the future: Creating an organic and intelligent workout.

Pilates Mat Fundamentals and Matwork are very practical and can be applied to any fitness regime. Completion of Pilates Mat, Standing Pilates® Mat and Practical Teaching is required to become a Mat Pilates instructor.

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Upcoming Dates & Locations

Summer 2019: July 15 – 18
Mon, Tues, Wed, & Thurs 11am-6pm
Vancouver, BC
Stretch Studio (180 East Pender St.)


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Standing Pilates® Mat (24 hours)

Standing Pilates® (Initiation 201) is the second course in becoming a Mat Pilates teacher. Standing Pilates® adapts many of the classical Pilates mat exercises to take them into the vertical plane. It provides the link between Pilates floor work and everyday functional movement. Aiding in neuromuscular re-patterning of movement habits, Standing Pilates®, moves toward better alignment and efficiency. In this 24-hour course students learn how to maintain a neutral spine while standing, sitting, walking, bending, or lifting; thus making it a truly functional approach to fitness.

Some of the many benefits of Standing Pilates® are:

  • Proprioception enhancement: Balance is required, benefitting the aging population and those suffering from neurological diseases such a Parkinson’s.
  • Deep core strengthening: The pelvic floor, transversus abdominus, multifidus, and diaphragm form a cylinder of support for the spine, benefitting people with incontinence issues or postnatal mothers.
  • Increase in bone density: Standing on one leg is equal to 4 times one’s body weight, benefitting those with Osteoporosis.
  • More “real estate”: Hips, legs, and feet are areas of equal focus.
  • More three-dimensionality: Includes the side body and internal spirals.

This technique is truly an evolution of Pilates, as deeper connections are required to perform these new, complex, standing exercises. Experience the 13 new Advanced Fundamentals. Finish with 24 of the Classic mat exercises reconfigured to Standing Pilates®. After successful completion of Pilates Mat, Standing Pilates® Mat, and Practical Teaching, you will be certified to teach Mat Pilates.

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Upcoming Dates & Locations

Summer 2019: July 18 & 22 – 24
Friday, Mon, Tues, Wednesday 11am-6pm
Vancouver, BC
Stretch Studio (180 East Pender St.)


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Pilates Practical Teaching (12 hours)

This 12-hour experiential workshop will prepare students with the knowledge and practice they need to confidently teach a Mat Pilates Class. With a strong focus on hands-on cueing, Practical Teaching will give them the necessary tips, feedback, and encouragement to make the transition into becoming a teacher.

Topics covered will include:

  • How to prepare for your mat classes
  • Level 1 and Level 2 Mat classes will be discussed
  • Exercise sequences and transitioning between exercises
  • Review of fundamentals and exercises from Initiations
  • Practice of hands-on cueing
  • Practice with fellow students in groups and in front of the class
  • Discussions on how to read the classroom energy, how to be in the moment and change the direction of the class if the need arises
  • Individual feedback on teacher’s quality of voice and teaching style will be offered

Upcoming Dates & Locations

Summer 2019: July 25 & 26
Thur & Fri 11am-6pm
Vancouver, BC
Stretch Studio (180 East Pender St.)

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Pilates Mat
$785 + GST
$75 + GST Registration fee $70 + GST Course materials
Standing Pilates®
$785 + GST
$75 + GST Registration fee $70 + GST Course materials
Practical Teaching
$435 + GST
$75 + GST Registration fee $30 + GST Course materials
Mat Pilates Certification
$1,875* + GST
$125 + GST Registration fee $170 + GST Course materials Register & pay for all 3 courses at once and save $130!*as shown above. *To be eligible for early bird discount, payment in full is required before Nov. 28, 2018 and we will waive the registration fee Payment plans are available. Please contact for more details. *Ontario prices subject to 13 % HST. Fredericton prices are subject to 15% HST

* Mat Pilates Certification tuition for international students is $2,350. Initiation 101 and 201 are $1,000 each, Practical Teaching is $520. Registration fee, course materials and taxes not included.