Spring Is Blossoming

As spring is now blossoming full force there is a sense of new life all around. Winter was a time to conserve energy and go inward, now spring is a time of regeneration, new beginnings and a renewal of our spirit. Spring is a great time for cleansing, and as the liver is associated with the spring in Chinese medicine, now is a great time to cleanse the liver and gallbladder. The Taoists believe that the liver is responsible for the smooth flowing of qi throughout the whole body.

The liver rules the tendons so incorporating stretching into your physical routine is great. According to Chinese medicine the liver stores the blood during rest and then releases it to the tendons during activity. The gallbladder meridian runs along the side ribcage, so side stretching is particularly good for the liver.

Outside air helps the liver qi to flow, so spending more time doing outdoor activities can improve anger, irritability and frustration which are the negative virtues of the liver. Positive virtues such as kindness, generosity and forgiveness can be cultivated when the liver qi is flowing more smoothly.

Green is the color for the liver as the liver is the wood element.Think of the leaves bursting from the trees. Eating green foods can improve liver function and aid in the movement of the qi. The taste for the liver issour and thought to stimulate the liver qi. Adding lemon to water or using vinegars for salads are nice options to aid the liver.

The opening/sense for the liver are the eyes. Doing eye exercises and taking breaks when looking at the computer can help with proper eye function thus enhancing the liver.

Acupuncture is a great way to improve the overall health of the liver as well as all the organs. Lisa Davicioni is a gifted Acupuncturist and healer, and will definitely get your qi flowing!

Shiatsu is a hands-on healing that aims to regulate the energy flowing through the meridians. It’s like and acupuncture without needles. If you haven’t been Allisoned (Dunn) yet, you should!

Qi Gong is a longevity practice that incorporates the principles of Chinese medicine and Taoist philosophy. There are hundreds of liver qi exercises but one of my favorites is this one.

Liver Shaking. Put your hands on your liver under your ribcage on the right side. Bounce your knees gently and shake the liver. Make the Shhhhh….. sound to release stagnant and toxic liver qi. The sound is the natural sound we make when we are angry as we often say things like shit or shoot. Continue to bounce the knees and progress into gently tapping of the liver with the finger-tips. Releasing through the breath, continue to make the sound and imagine a dark grey smoke going into the earth in a clockwise spiral. When you feel enough purging has been done, come to stillness. Put your hands on your liver and feel the echo and spontaneous vibration that continues to occur. Imagine filling the liver with a beautiful green light and draw in other positive virtues you wish to cultivate such as abundance, creativity and visionary energy.

Join me in my upcoming trainings and workshops where I share all the wonderful practices of Pilates,Gyrotonic and Qi Gong. And enjoy this wonderful and intense transition in nature and don’t forget YOU ARE NATURE!

Marta Hernandez is the owner of Marta Hernandez Studio and Physicalmind Institute Canada and is considered to be one of the leading Pilates instructors and teacher trainers in Canada. Her courses are deep, insightful and transformative, and have produced some of the best teachers in Canada.