Feminine Empowerment Qi Gong

Feminine Empowerment Qi Gong

Do you crave more passion and vitality into your life and relationships?

  • Learn the basics of Qi Gong, ancient Taoist longevity and tantric feminine practices to cultivate your self-love and bring more love and passion into your life.
  • Learn exercises to tone and lift your pelvic floor/bladder and contain your Qi and life force energy to enhance your vitality and sex life.
  • Learn daily breast and ovary massage techniques as well as gland meditation practices to regulate and boost your hormones.
  • Learn how to release negative emotions in your body and cultivate more positive emotions.
  • Learn how to circulate your Qi in your entire body by moving it in the Microcosmic Orbit.


Qi Gong is meditation in motion, which works with the sensitive and subtle energies that flow in, around and through the body. It helps to build your internal power and sexual energy by mastering the mind, breathing and channeling of earth and cosmic forces.

Based in Chinese Medicine and Taoist philosophy, Qi Gong literally means ‘Breath Practice’ in Chinese. Qi Gong is an energy art that helps to strengthen and balance all the internal organs. Slow, deep regular breathing combined with energy movement, work oxygen deeper into the tissues than regular exercise. As well, Qi Gong strengthens the nervous system relieving stress on a day-to-day basis, as well as rebuilding the body that has been broken down due to long-term stress.

Learning to move from the inside develops an integral and authentic sense of well-being. Qi Gong practice offers you ways to connect with your natural happiness, to restore your energy and enhance your health. By tuning to nature as you do with Qi Gong, you begin to live in harmony with your own true nature. Expression of this wonderful life force can help you to live a more vibrant, creative and meaningful life!

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May 5
Marta Hernandez Studio (Vancouver BC)


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Feminine Empowerment Qi Gong
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